When Should I Start My Child in Swimming Lessons? Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills, CA

When Should I Start My Child in Swimming Lessons? Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills, CA

A parent’s life can get hectic very quickly. Between work, school, meals, and the countless other things that need your attention every single day, your time is precious.

As a parent, you want to be sure that your child has opportunities to explore, discover, and learn. So, exposing them to a range of possibilities is important to you. Your choices are seemingly endless! However, there is one activity that is so much more than a challenge for your child’s brain and body. It’s an activity that will also give your child the skills and knowledge needed to safely enjoy the water!

Swimming lessons are an opportunity to build foundational skills that your child can rely upon throughout their lives. Boating, surfing, competitive swimming, diving, and many other aquatic activities become possible for competent swimmers. If age-appropriate, ask your child about their interest in swimming lessons. You will likely find that their peers are swimmers and that your child is eager to join in on the fun!

It can be challenging to know when to start your child in swimming lessons, particularly if you don’t have any swimming skills yourself. Some parents have had experiences in the water that they would rather forget.

Parents: Brush Up Your Swimming Skills w/ Family Swim Lessons

Other parents may have never experienced the water recreationally, and so that unknown becomes a source of fear. Keep in mind that adult swimming lessons are an excellent option for you!

You can learn right alongside your child at Steve Wallen Swim School, where their approach to lessons addresses many of the challenges facing busy families. Small class sizes, private and semi-private lessons, group lessons, and family swims allow for optimized learning environments for the whole family. 

Like many activities and skills, learning to swim is ideally introduced early in your child’s life, with regular lessons then kept as a part of their life. Regular swim lessons allow for building blocks of learning, each skill being built upon by adding to the previous skill. As your child’s body grows, so too will their endurance and abilities. The basics of floats and glides become more complex strokes when your child is ready, and mastering strokes and building endurance occurs during regular lessons.

When Should I Introduce My Infant To Swimming?

Infancy is the perfect time to start your little one on the path to becoming a swimmer; lessons begin at three months of age. Introducing your baby to the pool setting in infancy establishes it as a regular part of their lifestyle. Most infants respond favorably to the water and are captivated by swimming right away. Babies love the look and feel of the water and can even learn skills like blowing bubbles and kicking! An introduction to swimming at an early age allows for cognitive development, socialization, and increased self-confidence.  Infant swimming lessons will teach you how to safely enter and exit the water with your little one and move through the water and how to hold them so that they can safely explore and learn! Having the swimming instructor close by will give you confidence as you introduce your little one to the water.

If your child is past infancy, it is still not too late to begin swimming lessons. They may be a bit hesitant or even fearful of this new experience. Your child’s swim instructor is highly trained and accustomed to having apprehensive students. They will know just what to do to overcome any barrier your child may have with swimming. Or, your child may be ready to dive right in!  Every child learns at their own pace and accepts new challenges when they are ready; their swim instructor will ensure their lessons are fun and exciting! Young children can learn necessary water safety information and are very attentive to their swim instructors. Small class sizes allow for lots of attention and the individualized instruction that every child deserves.

We Offer Private, Semi-Private Swim Lessons For Kids

Even if your child is approaching or in their teen years, they can still learn to swim. At this age, your child may be self-conscious about being a beginner. The private and semi-private swim lessons offered at Steve Wallen Swim school will be just what they need to be successful. A skilled instructor will give your child personalized and age-appropriate instruction. This will allow them to build this critical skill in a comfortable setting, which is also engaging and inclusive.  

Learning to swim offers a whole host of health benefits, and it is so much fun to splash, dive, and flip in the water!  Your child will learn skills that will boost their confidence and allow them to shine. There is nothing quite like seeing your child blow their first bubbles or submerge all on their own, coming up with a massive smile on their face and pride shining in their eyes!

Get Started w/ a Free Trial Class in Roseville or El Dorado Hills!

There are many opportunities for your child’s success while learning to swim at Steve Wallen Swim School. No matter what your child’s age, abilities, or water experience is, Steve Wallen Swim School offers quality instruction tailored to their specific needs.

Explore the many opportunities to learn at either location in El Dorado Hills or Roseville. Both facilities and their friendly staff are ready to welcome you!

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