Steve Wallen Swim Lessons and Water Safety

What’s Next? After They Know How to Swim – Steve Wallen Swim School in El Dorado Hills and Roseville

Many parents and children believe that once the basics of swimming have been learned, there is no need to continue with swimming lessons. While it’s understandable that you and your children’s interests may change and that finding the time for swimming lessons may be a challenge, there are many reasons for continuing their swimming classes.

Swimming skills are learned over time, and developing the proper stroke mechanics can take quite a while. A regular swim schedule with an expert instructor’s eyes evaluating the stroke is key to maintaining an ideal, efficient swim stroke. If your child has learned all of the strokes and can swim for long distances, they will benefit significantly from even one lesson a week. A weekly class will help them to stay on point with the stroke’s more intricate elements. Further, a weekly lesson is a meaningful addition to your child’s recommended daily fitness needs.

If your child has learned the basic swimming strokes, maintaining their skills with one or two lessons a week will keep their skills and boost their confidence! Learning a new skill is fun, but it can also be challenging and a bit intimidating. So when your swimmer comes to a “maintenance” swim session, they will have some time to shine in their competence and expertise, rather than be self-conscious as they take on learning a new skill. In addition, the joy of swimming lessons may lead to them passing on their skills as a swimming instructor one day!

No two children are alike, and many children need more time to perfect their skills than others, while other children are ready to move on to compete at a very young age! We are proud to offer diversity and inclusion in all of our learn-to-swim programs, and lessons are always designed with your child’s unique needs in mind.

It’s also important to consider your child’s growth during their adolescent years. As children’s arms, torsos, and legs lengthen as they grow toward their adult size, they may lose some coordination and skill. By maintaining their swimming lessons, they can manage their growth spurts while retaining the skills they worked so hard to learn. Remember too that Steve Wallen Swim School offers high-energy and high-fun family swim programs! A family swim is a perfect opportunity for you and your child to assess their abilities in a safe atmosphere.

Teenagers are at an increased risk of drowning, even when they have basic swimming skills. This increased risk is due to several factors. Of concern is their mindset; HealthyChildren.Org suggests that “teens are more likely to overestimate their skills and underestimate dangerous situations.” By maintaining a weekly lesson, your teen will be reminded of water safety principles and have an opportunity to practice their skills and keep up their endurance.

Our world is surrounded by water and includes lakes, oceans, rivers, ditches, ponds, pools, and more! The risk of accidental drowning is literally everywhere. Regular swimming lessons, along with your diligent and focused attention, will keep them safer when they venture out into the world.

The classes offered at Steve Wallen Swim School are always focused on your child’s safety, as well as their swimming skills. In addition, the many learn-to-swim programs offered at both our El Dorado Hills and Roseville locations will always engage your child’s mind, body, and spirit in a fun, welcoming atmosphere!

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