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Wallen Swim - Coming to Roseville Spring 2018

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We are so excited to announce our new Roseville location. Much more coming soon!

Why should you consider Wallen Swim?

At Wallen Swim, we understand that teachers and students have to be able to work together to achieve success. You don’t just need a swim lesson location that is nice; you also need a swimming teacher that you or your child can trust. You need a personal connection to help you or your child feel comfortable going underwater since this is very scary to do for the first time.

We also understand that sometimes kids are just not ready for swimming lessons. We will reassure them and teach them that the water is fun, but there are some kids who just panic no matter what we or the parents do to calm them. That is why we offer a free trial. Give us a try and see if we click.

Find out risk-free whether your child is ready for swimming lessons. If your child isn’t ready for swimming lessons, or even if you just don’t feel like we are the swimming teachers for you and your child, you haven’t lost anything. And if we click, you can always sign up for swimming lessons.

Conquering Fears

Most kids begin swimming lessons with a healthy, natural fear of putting their face underwater. Obviously, we are all biologically programmed to try not to die. Swimming lessons help kids learn to face their fears and to even have fun while they are doing it.

Learning a new skill

Swimming is hard and scary at first, but it gets easier over time. This is true of everything else they will do in their lives. Kids have to learn how to learn new skills, and swimming lessons will teach them that.


Swimming is one of those rare activities that no one starts off being good at. Some kids might take to dancing, or bike riding, or basketball extremely easily because of natural coordination, but everyone is literally out of their element the first time they go swimming. They have to practice, and practice, and practice. This is such an important lesson for kids to learn, and the more naturally talented your child is in other areas, the more they really need to do an activity that is going to be hard for them at first so they can learn to struggle and practice.

Taking turns

Swimming is not an activity where kids can go their separate ways and practice on their own, at least not until they are already quite good at it. Swimming lessons teach kids to wait their turn and to take turns. Patience is a lesson that is hard to learn, but it is important for every part of the rest of their lives.

The fun is its own reward

Yes, kids can get prizes in swimming lessons, and this is a motivator for many little swimmers. But swimming is also just a lot of fun. It is really good for kids to learn to do an activity that is intrinsically motivating – that is, the fun of doing the activity is the reward for doing it. You don’t swim to get a medal; you swim because it is exhilarating and wonderful. Intrinsic motivation is an important thing for kids to learn, especially if most of their other activities are geared toward extrinsic motivation such as awards or grades.


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