Video Analysis

Video Analysis Services For Competitive Swimmers


We offer complete video analysis services for competitive swimmers and triathletes looking to improve stroke technique and efficiency. These services offer underwater filming using state-of-the-art technology in order to provide swimmers real-time feedback on their swimming strokes. Swimmers are able to gain invaluable feedback from this perspective in order to identify errors in their strokes and make immediate corrections. Our team at Steve Wallen Swim School offers the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques in order to give any swimmer that extra edge in their next competition.

Private Video Analysis Swim Lessons

  • $70 per 30-minute class

Our competitive video analysis services are offered in a 1:1 ratio as a private swim lesson. Videos can be emailed to our swimmers upon request.

Underwater Filming

Whether you are a kid on a local swim team or an adult training for a triathlon, our video analysis services provide the top knowledge and most advanced technology in the industry to help maximize your swimming potential. Many swimmers develop bad habits over the years as they focus more on their training than their technique. This leads to developing bad habits, and as swimmers continue to train, they continue to reinforce these bad habits. This is where we come in. Our competitive video analysis classes are for kids and adults looking to add to their current swim schedule in order to improve their technique, prevent injuries, and increase overall swim experience. At SWSS, we believe technique is everything!

Invaluable, Real-Time Feedback from Highly Trained Coaches


Schedule an appointment today and one of our coaches will reserve a private swim lesson to evaluate your stroke. Our video analysis services will give invaluable, real-time feedback at the edge of the pool in order to make immediate corrections. If you prefer, we can also provide an evaluation after your class in one of our private offices. These video playback sessions are critical in evaluating strokes and breaking down different components of each individual stoke in order to maximize stroke technique and efficiency.

If you are looking to maximize your swimming potential and achieve your highest swimming goals, then look no further. Contact Steve Wallen Swim School today to get started!

“SWSS was instrumental in preparing me to complete my first Ironman swim race of 2.4 miles. My coach was patient, flexible and simply an excellent instructor.” –Harry