Top 5 Fundamental Swimming Lesson Standards for Steve Wallen Swim School

If it has been a long time since you have experienced swimming lessons, you may wonder what to expect! Perhaps your children have never experienced the joy of learning how to swim. Learning how to swim should be a part of everyone’s life! However, many swimming pools offer classes, and the quality ranges widely. Therefore, your swim lesson provider must meet the highest standards.

At Steve Wallen Swim School, our family has dedicated our lives to perfecting the art of teaching children and adults to swim. Our curriculum is developed and refined in-house, as is the training and supervision of our fantastic staff. As a result, we know how to guide you and your children toward your fishiest selves!

There are some fundamental criteria that should always be met during swimming lessons; these five and so many more are guaranteed at Steve Wallen Swim School!

1) Safety First:

Keeping babies, toddlers, and kids safe, engaged, and on task is challenging. This challenge is complicated in the water because of the risk of drowning. Our instructors are always laser-focused on safety. Our class sizes are much smaller than many other swim schools; we maintain a safe and manageable ratio of a maximum of three students to one instructor! We offer baby and me, private, semi-private, group swim lessons.

2) Balance Water Safety and Swimming Skills:

Swimming is a unique activity in that you can learn to swim and be completely unaware of the many aquatic hazards that exist in lakes, rivers, and pools. Conversely, one can know everything there is to know about water safety and still not be able to swim a stroke.

Our balanced approach recognizes that age-appropriate water safety knowledge is critical in preventing accidental drowning. For example, little ones learn how to enter the water safely as part of their first lessons; entering the water safely is an essential lifelong skill that will help to prevent injury.

3) Progressions, Patience, and Pride!

While some swim schools follow a curriculum that relies on rigorous skill assessments, including pass and fail grades, we have taken a more inclusive and learner-centered approach.

Our swimmers are introduced to skills when deemed ready and are encouraged to develop more challenging skills at their pace. We pride ourselves on providing learners with the encouragement, expertise, and time they need to become great swimmers!

4) State-of-the-Art Facility

How well we learn depends a great deal on our learning environment. To be successful, our learning needs to be optimized; our pools in El Dorado Hills and Roseville were explicitly designed to offer the best possible aquatic learning environment. Everything from water depth, accessibility, and the water temperature has been designed for success; the water is excellent, so come on in!

5) Our Swimming Instruction Staff is Brilliant!

Many of us fondly remember a teacher, coach, or another leader that had a massive impact on us as children; it’s no secret that the special people who teach children often shape their future! Our Steve Wallen Swim School swim instructors are trained and supervised in-house, and they love what they do!

Toddlers and young children need to know that their instructor is their friend and that they love teaching swimming. Our instructors know how to build trust with your little one, and they also know how to encourage, motivate, and inspire!

Come visit us in El Dorado Hills and Roseville! We would love to meet you and show you why we are your first choice for swimming lessons!

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