SWSS Swimmer of the Month for June

Congratulations to Logan from El Dorado Hills, our Steve Wallen Swim School swimmer of the month for June. Logan is 2.5 years old and started taking swim lessons with us three months ago. At first, he had a difficult time getting accustomed to his swim lesson and his new swim instructor. Thankfully his mom and dad were persistent and knew that it was in his best interest to continue his swim lessons, and push through the tough times. After a month or so of tears, Logan had his breakthrough and now loves his swimming lesson and his swim instructor Ms. Rachael. They have developed a bond and are continuing to learn the life skill of swimming.

This is a very common occurrence for us to see here at Steve Wallen Swim School, and many times we feel it can be harder on mom or dad than it is on the kids. These students are being put in a new environment, with a stranger (the new swim instructor), and being asked to perform skills outside of their comfort level. Through our experience, we ask for parents to give us 3-4, and in some cases similar to Logan possibly a few more, classes in order for students to develop the trust of their instructor and get through the tough crying stage.

Logan has now mastered his breath control and is pushing off the steps all by himself. He will continue to work on advancing his swimming with his face in the water, jumping in off the edge, and floating on his back.

Way to go, Logan! Another champion swimmer at SWSS!

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