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Why Swimming For Your Child?

Swimming lessons offer your child an opportunity to learn essential skills in a fun, non-competitive, and rewarding environment. At Steve Wallen Swim School, swimming lessons always go hand in hand with water safety lessons. Progressive instruction based on proven teaching methods ensures your child is always learning.

Learn To Swim With Steve Wallen Swim School

There is nothing quite like learning to swim. Learning how to swim is a rewarding, lifelong activity and an essential skill. While learning to swim from infancy is always best, it’s never too late to take lessons! Our highly trained instructors teach all ages and abilities. Our continuous evaluation method builds your child’s confidence, and instructional strategies introduce them to the joys of swimming.  will enhance your child’s life in countless ways!

Water Safety

While many children’s activities can be considered optional, being water safe and having necessary swimming skills are critical for your child’s wellbeing. Knowing how to be safe in and around the water is as essential as the other safety lessons you provide your child.

Water safety topics are introduced at appropriate ages and build on previous knowledge. This life-long skill will provide your child with the skills they need to reduce their drowning risk. The Center for Disease Control’s research states that accidental drowning is the second leading cause of death among children. A sobering statistic; makes drowning prevention a priority for your children by having them learn and practice water safety.

Cognitive Processes

Learning to swim will stimulate your child’s ability to observe and replicate their instructor’s movements, as well as take in the instructor’s constructive corrections and guidance. Watching, listening, and doing are all incredibly important for cognitive development. As they learn to swim, your child will also be learning and practicing water safety, which will further cement important critical concepts into their knowledge.

Health and Fitness

Swimming is one of the most effective methods of improving cardiovascular conditioning and muscular endurance, and swimming is exciting and challenging! The water is a forgiving environment, easy on the joints, and accessible to those with disabilities. Learning to swim improves coordination; enhancing this mind and muscle connection will transfer to other activities. Swimmers enjoy the ability to work out indoors and outdoors, even in stunning locations around the world!


While we always try to be flexible and accommodate our families’ needs, Steve Wallen Swim School has found it necessary to enact the following guidelines to ensure a safe, successful environment for our students and our school. If you have specific needs not addressed in these policies, please talk to us individually.


Payment is due and payable on or before the first lesson of each session in order to secure your spot. No partial payments, please. A late fee will be charged for any late or missed payments. After the new session has started, we cannot issue a refund for any missed classes and any unused classes will be applied as a credit on your account. Steve Wallen Swim School accepts cash, check, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

PAYING WITH CHECK: The check should be made out to Steve Wallen Swim School. If a check is returned for any reason, a $25.00 fee will be added to your balance.

PAYING WITH CASH: You must sign the receipt at the time of payment.

Refund Policy

Steve Wallen Swim School does not issue refunds for those families who have already started a session and will only apply any refund or unused classes as a credit to your account.

CANCELLATIONS: If lessons are canceled due to facility closure, we will schedule your make-up or you will receive a credit on your next monthly charge.

Due to operational costs, no monetary refunds will be given at Steve Wallen Swim School. We will allow you to transfer swim lessons to another child or student enrolled in our program if you authorize it.

Swim Lesson Classes and Pricing

Prices are based on private swim lessons (1:1 student to teacher ratio), semi-private lessons (2:1 student to teacher ratio), group swim lessons (3:1 student to teacher ratio), and parent-tot swim lessons (6:1 student to teacher ratio). Payment is paid per session based on the number of classes scheduled and is due on or before the first day of class. Longer classes or multiple lessons per week can be arranged and prorated accordingly.

REGISTRATION FEE: There is no registration fee.

MONTHLY PRICES: We offer a fee schedule based on 4-week sessions. Lessons are 30 minutes each, occurring 1 or 2 day(s) per week.  Fees are based on a 4-week session and will be prorated for the actual number of lessons you receive in the session. Please see our pricing page.

Although classes are scheduled and reserved by sessions, you may start at any time. If you start in the middle of the session, the remainder will be prorated.


It is important that your children attend every lesson. Consistent attendance of classes allows your child to develop a routine, and improve their confidence and independence in the water. Please do your best to attend your scheduled lessons.

If a child is sick or needs to reschedule a class, we ask that you give us at least 6 hours notice in order to schedule a makeup class. Please let us know in advance if you plan to continue into the next session or take a break. All sessions can be reserved in advance to keep your day(s), times(s), and instructor with only a credit card on file, and payment is not due until your first day of class.

TARDINESS: Please be punctual for your lesson. The instructor will teach the time assigned to your regular scheduled class, but will not be able to extend the lesson or make up for any lost time due to tardiness. Please call us at (916) 939-7075 to notify us if you will be late. Thank you!


Makeups are only offered for clients that give us a minimum of 6 hours notice. If 6 hours notice is not provided, you will be given a late cancel, which requires a $5 late cancel fee in order to schedule a makeup.

WITHDRAWING: We ask that a 2 week emailed or verbal notice be given to our office staff before the following session for those who wish to cancel a future session.

Guidelines For Considerate Conduct

Parents must remain on Steve Wallen Swim School premises at all times with their child(ren). Parents are asked to wait in the parents viewing area during all swim lessons, except parent-tot swim lessons. Children may not be left unattended before, during, or after their swim lesson.

There is a play area in the parents viewing area for children that are not swimming. Please keep an eye on all children. Please no running near the pool and changing areas.

Children who are not completely toilet-trained must wear a disposable or reusable swim diaper. Please have all children use the restroom before their class begins. There is absolutely no swimming for students with diarrhea.

Please do not bring a sick child to class. We ask, that you please wait until your child is better before bringing them to class to avoid spreading the illness any further. If your child has a fever or a contagious illness, please stay at home until the illness has subsided. If you are unsure, please consult your physician.

Do not let your children enter the pool until the class is scheduled to begin. This is for their safety, and for the safety of the other children in lessons.

Please allow swimmers that are finishing their classes to exit the pool before putting your child into the water.

Please use assigned changing areas or dressing rooms at Steve Wallen Swim School to dress and redress after class. We have designated changing areas, restrooms, and public showers for all swimmers to use.

Swimmers are not allowed to chew gum or have any type of hard candy during their swim lessons.

We ask that you do not bring your pets on the premises, with the exception of certified service animals.

Please, no smoking is allowed on the property due to the presence of children. [California Health and Safety Code, Section 104495]

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