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Why Swimming For Your Child?

At Steve Wallen Swim School, we recognize that you have many activities to choose from for your children. Many offer an opportunity to be physically active, while others may stimulate your children’s imagination and thought processes. Swimming lessons are among the most unique and most important activities that you can offer to your children. Consider the many benefits: physical activity, challenging movement patterns, water safety education, peer interaction, safety knowledge, cognitive development, and most importantly, fun!

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Having the expert instructors at Steve Wallen Swim School teach your children to swim and be water safe in their small group lessons will be one of the most valuable gifts you can give to them. Learning to swim as a child will set them on a lifetime path of aquatic experiences, adventures, and wellness.

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Water Safety

Learning to swim with Steve Wallen Swim Schools also means learning to be water safe. The two must go hand in hand; your child’s safety and wellbeing in and around the water are our most important priority. While learning to swim, your child will learn invaluable lessons that will reduce their risk of accidental drowning. Essential skills such as never going near the water without an adult, how to recognize water that is safe for swimming, and how to prevent aquatic emergencies are vital to enjoying a lifetime of fun in the pool, at the beach, and while boating.

Learn to swim, learn to be water safe as an entire family!

Cognitive Processes

Learning to swim will challenge your child’s thinking and learning, which is a critical part of their development. Right from the basics of blowing bubbles up to the butterfly stroke’s complex mechanics, learning to swim will have your child’s brain firing away in meaningful ways. Yes, swimming is a physical skill, but it takes a healthy mind and body connection to learn all of the skills needed to be a successful swimmer. 

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While learning to swim, your child will hear their instructor’s guidance, see their swim skills demonstrations, and then discover and replicate what they have learned. All of this is taught in an interactive, fun, and age-appropriate manner based on the Wallen family’s decades of experience.

Learning to Swim begins as a baby and becomes a lifelong skill!

Health and Fitness

Water is approximately 1000 times more resistant than air due to its density. Moving through the water while swimming requires a substantial effort from our cardiovascular system and our muscles. This is one of the main reasons why swimming is such a  phenomenal way to get active and stay fit. Swimming also requires us to move our limbs through complete ranges of motion. As they learn to swim, your child will develop key fitness components such as cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Swimming is recognized as a superior cardiovascular workout, and competent swimmers enjoy other aquatic sports such as surfing and rowing.

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While we always try to be flexible and accommodate our families’ needs, Steve Wallen Swim School has found it necessary to enact the following guidelines to ensure a safe, successful environment for our students and our school. If you have specific needs not addressed in these policies, please talk to us individually.

Please see our Policies page to learn more about attendance, make-ups, refunds and conduct guidelines.

Swim Lesson Classes and Pricing

Prices are based on private swim lessons (1:1 student to teacher ratio), semi-private lessons (2:1 student to teacher ratio), baby and me swim lessons (6:1 student to teacher ratio), and group swim lessons (3:1 student to teacher ratio). Payment is paid per session based on the number of classes scheduled and is due on or before the first day of class. Longer classes or multiple lessons per week can be arranged and prorated accordingly.

Although classes are scheduled and reserved by sessions, you may start at any time. If you start in the middle of the session, the remainder will be prorated.

Please see our Pricing page to learn more about program pricing, tuition and how we accept payments.

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