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Why Swimming For Your Child?

Learning to swim has been the gold standard of childhood activities for decades. Unlike many other activities, swimming offers the immediate benefits of a widely approved physical activity and the long-term benefits of a lifelong skill and drowning prevention. Your child will learn valuable skills, develop their fitness, and socially interact in a positive, encouraging atmosphere. Learning to swim at a Steve Wallen Swim School will boost their confidence, build their self-esteem, and have them love the water!

Questions or concerns about your child learning to swim? We are here to help!

Water Safety

Give your child the water safety skills they need to avoid accidental drowning. Sadly, drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional death in children, and accidental drowning is entirely preventable. By learning to swim and learning how to be safe in and around the water, your child will have an invaluable lifelong skill set. These skills will not only prevent drowning but give them the ability to access great sports like competitive swimming, wakeboarding, surfing, and more! Many children are so passionate about water safety, and they become Lifeguards!

Learn to swim, learn to be water safe…..programs for the entire family!

Cognitive Processes

Challenging your child’s thinking and learning is a critical part of their development. While swimming is a physical skill, it still stimulates brain activity in a meaningful way. Adding water safety knowledge further develops their brain and encourages connecting the mind and body, critical thinking, and sound decision making. At Steve Wallen Swim School, our highly trained swim instructors teach babies and their caregivers, and all ages and abilities of children and adults!

Learning to Swim begins in infancy and is a lifelong skill!

Health and Fitness

Children need to be physically active every day. One fun and valuable way to get this exercise is swimming lessons. Your child will challenge their cardiovascular system, coordination, muscular endurance, and flexibility! Learning to swim is so fun and exciting; your child will become physically fit while learning essential life skills and having a fantastic time. Swimming has long been recognized as one of the best cardiovascular workouts, and swimmers enjoy a range of other aquatic sports.

Steve Wallen Swim School is the best swim school…..find out why!


While we always try to be flexible and accommodate our families’ needs, Steve Wallen Swim School has found it necessary to enact the following guidelines to ensure a safe, successful environment for our students and our school. If you have specific needs not addressed in these policies, please talk to us individually.

Please see our Policies page to learn more about attendance, make-ups, refunds and conduct guidelines.

Swim Lesson Classes and Pricing

Prices are based on private swim lessons (1:1 student to teacher ratio), semi-private lessons (2:1 student to teacher ratio), baby and me swim lessons (6:1 student to teacher ratio), and group swim lessons (3:1 student to teacher ratio). Payment is paid per session based on the number of classes scheduled and is due on or before the first day of class. Longer classes or multiple lessons per week can be arranged and prorated accordingly.

Although classes are scheduled and reserved by sessions, you may start at any time. If you start in the middle of the session, the remainder will be prorated.

Please see our Pricing page to learn more about class pricing, tuition and how we accept payments.

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