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If you want to have fun in the sun, swimming is the best way to do it, and Rocklin is a great place for swimming.  From backyard pools to the lakes and rivers, swimming fun is at most a short drive away.  Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of such a wonderful activity?

If you’re looking for swimming lessons in Roseville or Rocklin, CA, you have come to the right place at Steve Wallen Swim School.  We offer baby swimming lessons, kids swimming lessons, and adult swimming lessons for all skill levels.  Whether you are a total beginner or an experienced competitive swimmer, we can help you hone your swimming skills and make the most of your time in the water.

Swimming lessons aren’t just for fun, either.  Knowing how to swim is an incredibly important survival skill.  You can’t guarantee that you won’t ever be in water that too deep to stand – it only makes sense to make sure that you can save yourself and survive in such a situation.  If you have children, the only certain way to give them the best protection against accidental drowning is to make sure that they are water safe and able to swim if they were to fall into the water.  By teaching your kids to swim you’re not just teaching them a fun activity to participate in during the summer; you’re also investing in their future and life skills in order to keep them safe around water.

And swimming lessons are definitely not just for kids!  We offer swimming lessons for adults as well.  Whether you’re a beginner who has never made the jump of learning to swim and felt that you could never learn, or an experienced swimmer who wants a little help on a particular stroke technique, we have a class or a private lesson that is perfect for you.

Swimming is the perfect exercise.  It gives you a great cardio workout, it tones and strengthens your muscles through resistance training, and it does it all without putting any pressure on your bones or damaging your joints.  Give Steve Wallen Swim School a call today and start to experience the joy of swimming for yourself!

Swimming Lessons for Kids in Rocklin


At Steve Wallen Swim School, we offer swimming lessons for students of all ages, starting as infants.  Why teach swimming to tiny babies?  There are several reasons why this is a great idea that makes for extremely effective swimming lessons.  First, babies haven’t developed the same fears that older children have.  It is easier to acclimate them to the water and make them feel safe since they have not yet developed a fear of the water.  Second, the increased relaxation that little babies often have in the water means that they can learn to swim better since the basic skill of floating requires you to relax.  Third, little babies are capable of learning to float, kick, and swim in a prone swimming position with their faces in the water.  Why wait?  Babies that crawl or toddler are in danger of falling into a pool at any party, gathering, or even just relaxing in the backyard.  It only makes sense to teach them to float and swim so that they can stay safe. We have many students at Steve Wallen Swim School who can swim independently on their own before they can walk.

For older kids, our swimming lessons are fun and exciting, conducted in a safe and supportive environment that makes them feel confident.  We have parents or guardians get into the pool with the infants, so that they feel secure as they learn to put their faces underwater, blow bubbles, kick, and eventually swim out in the middle of the pool.  We have so much fun that they often don’t even realize they’re learning a life-saving skill!

Adult Swimming Lessons in Rocklin


Some adults come to us for swimming lessons because they have never swum before nor even been in a pool.  Many other adults come to us because they learned to swim in the past, but are no longer confident with the skill. Others sign up for swimming lessons at SWSS as they are confident swimmers, but need a little help with a particular technique in their swimming strokes.  No matter what your skill and experience level is with swimming, we have an adult swimming class here in Rocklin that fits you perfectly.

Many adults who have never learned to swim are uncomfortable or embarrassed.  If you don’t know how to swim, this is nothing to be ashamed of!  Swimming lessons are something most people think about with children, and if you didn’t learn to swim when you were a child it is very likely that you just thought you were too old to start.  The truth is, there is no such thing as too old (or too young) to learn to swim.  We offer beginner’s adult classes for students who have never ventured into the deep end before.  We also offer intermediate and advanced classes for students who already know how to swim but need help with their swimming technique.  Wherever you are in your swimming or fitness journey, we are here to help at Steve Wallen Swim School.

Private Swimming Lessons in Rocklin

Private swimming lessons in Rocklin are like any other private lessons in the world: they cost a little bit more than group lessons, but they more than makeup for the additional cost of the benefits they offer.  With private lessons, you will have our undivided attention for the entire lesson.  You will have immediate feedback about your form and what you could be doing to improve your swimming techniques.  We offer private swimming lessons for all ages and all ability levels so that you can swim with confidence!

Contact Steve Wallen Swim School

If you are looking for swimming lessons in the Rocklin, CA area, you have come to the right place at Steve Wallen Swim School!  We have swimming lessons for all ages and all levels of ability.  You can choose group swim lessons or private swim lessons, and we offer flexible lesson times that fit your own individual schedule.  Give us a call today to schedule your swimming lessons in Rocklin, CA!

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