Swimming Lessons For Your Pre-Teen Child - Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills

Swimming Lessons For Your Pre-Teen Child – Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills

Learning to swim is great fun at any age, and it’s definitely possible to become a fantastic swimmer whether you start learning as an infant or even in your senior years. However, physical skills are more easily mastered at a young age, so learning to swim beginning in infancy is obviously preferred. Learning to swim, and to be water safe, makes more sense beginning in infancy. The water then becomes an exciting place to play; young children can also learn essential water safety skills. By starting in infancy, you open the door to a lifetime of enjoyable, healthy, aquatic experiences.

However, if your pre-teen child has not yet started swimming lessons, it’s not too late! Knowing how to swim will provide your pre-teen with a way to keep physically fit, be safer when not in your care, and explore many different aquatic activities. This is particularly true if you choose Steve Wallen Swim School because their instructional model and top-notch instructors are precisely what your pre-teen needs to become a lifelong swimmer.

Learn to Swim With Steve Wallen Swim Schools in El Dorado Hills and Roseville

Building a Sound Foundation on Water Safety

It may take some convincing, but encourage your pre-teen to give lessons a try. It doesn’t have to be about becoming a perfect swimmer or a competitive athlete. All of us need to have the necessary swimming skills and a sound foundation on water safety. Let them know that lessons are just one small part of their life and that they can choose other activities, but knowing how to swim will keep them safe and allow them to participate fully in many great aquatic activities. Swimming is a skill that is recommended by most health care experts, as accidental drowning is a leading cause of childhood injury and death.

Small class sizes mean more individual attention

Kids that are not keen on perfecting all of the various strokes may be intrigued by the water rescue and lifeguard path! Becoming a lifeguard opens many employment opportunities around the world. Perhaps they are interested in learning to sail or a career in boating; if this is the case, learning the basics of swimming is essential.

Learn to swim, learn to be water safe…..programs for the entire family!

3:1 Student To Teacher Ratio

Many children become self-conscious at this age and may not be comfortable learning a new skill that their peers have already mastered. Some feel shy about wearing a bathing suit in public spaces or are self-conscious about their changing body. One of the many reasons that Steve Wallen Swim School has been voted the #1 swim school for nearly a decade is their small class sizes. By limiting our classes to just three students per instructor, each student receives more individualized instruction. Smaller class sizes allow for you to group all of your children together, in one class at the same time! Or, perhaps your child has friends that are also ready to begin their aquatic adventure. If your pre-teen is still unsure about group lessons, take advantage of our private lessons, which are perfect for accelerated learning in a most comfortable setting for your child.  Remember, as a pre-teen, your child is beginning to spend more and more time outside of your direct supervision. This may mean visits to the beach, river, or a friend’s backyard pool. Provide them with the swimming skills they need to join in on the fun and the water safety knowledge to stay as safe as possible.

Steve Wallen Swim School is the best swim school…..find out why!

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