Swimming Lessons for your Young Teenagers: Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills - Register Now!

Swimming Lessons for your Young Teenagers: Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills – Register Now!

Learn to Swim With Steve Wallen Swim Schools in El Dorado and Roseville

While this can be a challenging age to begin learning to swim, all children must have a sound ability to swim and knowledge about water safety. Knowing how to swim is so critical that Steve Wallen Swim School has been deemed an essential service during the global pandemic. The experts have considered the substantial risks of drowning against the risk of Covid-19 and found that learning to swim is imperative for children’s health and safety.

Learn to swim, learn to be water safe as an entire family!

Young teenagers spend much of their days away from your parental supervision. Often, they spend their recreational time outside of any adult supervision. A lack of adult supervision is a risk factor for drowning, so continue to supervise your children when they are around the water, as much as is possible.

Visit Steve Wallen Swim School at either of our state-of-the-art facilities in El Dorado Hills or Roseville; our experienced instructors can evaluate your teen’s ability to swim during a free trial class! By doing so, both you and your teen will become more aware of how safe they are around the water, and what they need to learn. Young minds are continuing to develop, particularly in terms of their ability to make sound, safe decisions. Consider this fact from HealthyChildren.org:

“Therefore, while childhood drowning risk decreases after age 4, it actually goes up again during a child’s teen years-even among strong swimmers.”

This increased risk is because teenagers spend some of their recreational time outside of adults’ direct supervision and because their developing brains don’t always make the soundest of decisions. At this age, some teens are beginning to use alcohol and other drugs that impair their judgment and physical abilities. The pressure to fit in and keep up with their peers is challenging.

Questions about swimming lessons for your teen? We are always here to help!

Swimming is a Vital Skill & Starting Early Is Key

Swimming Lessons for your Young Teenagers: Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills - Register Now!

For many teens, not knowing how to swim can cause them some embarrassment. They may feel left out because they cannot participate in aquatic activities with their peers. Sadly, some non-swimmers make the difficult choice to try to keep up with others in the water despite their lack of swimming skills, and the consequences can be deadly.

Have your teenager’s swimming ability evaluated by the swim experts at Steve Wallen Swim School

As a young teen, your child is experiencing many changes and challenges. They are working on defining themselves as individuals and are more aware of what they want to participate in. They may feel uncomfortable about revealing their changing body in a bathing suit. They may not want to learn to swim at this age because it is something that many younger children can already do well. One of the many reasons Steve Wallen Swim School is an award winner is their small classes, private lessons, and ability to meet your child’s specific “learn to swim” needs. For many teens that are learning to swim for the first time, a one-to-one setting is ideal as there aren’t other students to compare themselves to; they can entirely focus on their progress and learning.

At Steve Wallen Swim School, learning to swim also means learning safe behaviors and practices in and around the water. To keep your teen safe, it’s imperative that they know how to swim and how to be water safe. Consider this sobering statistic from Healthychildren.org:

“Adolescents (15-19 years old) have the 2nd highest fatal drowning rate out of any age group.”

Keep Teenagers Safe, In Shape & Socialized

It’s clear that learning to swim is a necessary life skill in terms of safety, but it’s also a terrific way to stay in great shape, meet new people, and to be able to participate in so many fantastic water sports and games. Introduce your teens to the world of swimming at Steve Wallen Swim School today!

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