Why are Swimming Lessons the Best?

Swimming is one of the best activities for kids to learn. It has many benefits. And it is so fun that kids don’t even realize they are doing something that is good for them! Here are just some of the reasons why swimming is the best.

#1 – It is the best exercise there is.

#1 - It is the best exercise there is.

Swimming works your whole body in a way that no other exercise can. It is resistance training and cardio all in one. It also is zero-impact, which means that it does not put strain or stress on the body and it is very unlikely to cause injury.

For children, it is less important that swimming is zero impact. Kids don’t often have sore or creaky joints, or a tendency to get injured. But adults do! If you could work out without hurting your knees, ankles, wrists, hips, or back, wouldn’t you be more likely to show up to the gym? Well, now you have a gym that can give you the perfect pain-free workout: the swimming pool!

#2 – It improves areas of your health that don’t even have to do with exercise.

improves areas of your health

Exercise itself has great effects on the health. It helps to lower blood pressure and can even help with blood sugar. But swimming has health benefits above and beyond the benefits of exercise. Swimming can help with asthma because of the controlled breathing that swimmers have to do. Swimming can also help lower the risk of diabetes.

#3 – Swimming increases confidence

Swimming lessons help kids become confident. As they practice and get good at a skill, they gain confidence in that skill. That confidence extends to other parts of their lives as well.

#4 – It can help save their life.

A child who can swim is a child who will not drown if they fall into a swimming pool or into a lake. At Wallen Swim, we teach essential safety skills such as how to save themselves if they start to get exhausted while swimming. We give kids the tools they need to be safe.

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