Importance of Swimming Lesson Consistency

Importance of Swimming Lesson Consistency

When you sign your kids up for swimming lessons, one of the biggest contributors to their success is consistency. Consistency in infant swimming lessons is even more important than natural talent or lack of fear on the part of the child, because consistency is what creates the habit and pattern that the child needs to gain confidence and become a good swimmer.

Everything that we do is part of a system

As adults, most of the things that we encounter fit nicely within systems we already understand, which is basically why we are able to go about our lives with a minimum of fear and trauma. We understand what is going on, we rely on our routines and habits, and we make sense of our lives based on all the things we have experienced before.

Kids are the same way, only they have experienced less than we grown-ups have. And when kids encounter something completely new and foreign, they often react at first with fear. This is natural. It is the survival instinct. This is why kids get scared the first time they go swimming.

We can teach a kid everything there is to know about how to swim…

We can tell a child all about the different strokes to swim with, or how to float on the surface of the water, or how to hold their breath underwater. But until they have experienced it many times, swimming is not going to be part of a child’s system. It is not going to be a routine. It is going to be scary.

After swimming is part of the child’s routine, it becomes comforting and fun. The child will be ready to start trying new things and become brave enough to take risks. This is the time when they might start wanting to try doing cannonballs or diving off the diving board. After a child is comfortable and secure with swimming, they will start to become good at the different techniques that we teach.

This is why swimming lesson consistency is so vitally important

If you sign your child up for swimming lessons with us, you have to commit to bringing your child to lessons consistently. This is not for our sake but for your child’s sake, because it is the only way that your child will stop being afraid of the water and will start becoming comfortable. It is a matter of simple psychology and getting the environment of the swimming pool into your child’s routine and system.

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