Swimmers of the Month for October

Congratulations to Ethan (5 years), Connor (7 years), and Caden (8 years), our Steve Wallen Swim School swimmers of the month for October!

Ethan (5 years) returned back to SWSS this year already water safe, and wanted to learn more strokes and technique. He has made tremendous improvements since being back swimming at SWSS. At first, he struggled with side breathing, and was only comfortable rolling on his back to breathe. Now that he has developed his side breathing, he can swim full laps of freestyle. Ethan has also greatly improved his stroke technique along the way. He is now able to swim full laps of freestyle and backstroke, and is working on improving his butterfly and breaststroke technique.

Connor (7 years) returned back to SWSS this year already knowing how to swim, and was looking for coaching on stroke technique for freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke. He is a very proficient swimmer in freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. Connor is now mainly focusing on his breaststroke.

Caden (8 years) also came to Steve Wallen Swim School knowing how to swim, but needed direction on his strokes in order to improve his stroke technique and efficiency. He is a very proficient in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Caden is now mainly focusing on his butterfly.

Way to go, Ethan, Connor, and Caden! Three more champion swimmers at SWSS!

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