Swimmers of the Month

Congratulations to William and Nicholas from El Dorado Hills, California, our Steve Wallen Swim School swimmers of the month for November!

William is 5 years old and has been taking private swimming lessons with us since he was 3. He has always been comfortable in the water, but initially needed to develop water safety skills in order to be safe and respect the water. Since learning to swim, William has moved on to learn many more advanced skills. He is now able to swim an entire lap freestyle, rolling on his back to breathe. He is currently working on side breathing and is off to a tremendous start in mastering the skill. William loves being on his back and is always relaxed, whether he is simply floating, or trying to swim backstroke.

He has even been known to do some singing while doing so. J Nicholas is 2 years old and has been swimming at Steve Wallen Swim School since he was 15 months old in private swimming classes. At 15 months old, it only took Nicholas a few classes to build a relationship with his instructor, and get accustomed to swimming without mom or dad. He approached his classes fearlessly with a love for the water. Nicholas can now push off to his instructor and swim all by himself. He is currently working on back floats and swimming to the wall. An early start for both boys built a great foundation for a lifetime of fun, safe swimming. Most importantly, both boys absolutely love their swimming classes, and continually make it a positive experience. You can always count on them to bring a big smile and lots of excitement to each class. Way to go, William and Nicholas! Two more champion swimmers at Steve Wallen Swim School!


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