Swimmers of the Month from Folsom, CA!

Congratulations to Max and Anthony from Folsom, California, our Steve Wallen Swim School swimmers of the month for swimming lessons in January! Max and Anthony have made tremendous progress over the last couple months as they have been training hard in our swim clinics emphasizing endurance, stroke technique, starts, turns, and other racing strategies.

These practices and skill development will better help them prepare for the upcoming swim season. Max is 8 years old, and first enrolled in swimming lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School when he was 6 years old. Since first starting swimming lessons, Max has always been focused on learning proper technique and performing his swimming skills flawlessly. From learning to streamline to mastering the butterfly stroke, he has shown great motivation and success. He is a great listener, which allows him to be a quick learner and develop new skills and techniques more rapidly.

Anthony recently turned 7 years old, and first enrolled in swimming lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School when he was 5 years old. Anthony was eager to learn to swim like his older brother, which led him to take to the water full steam ahead. He initially was learning basic water safety skills such as floating on his back, swimming in a prone position with his face in the water, and swimming to grab the wall, in order to become safe around the water. Once he developed these basic life saving skills for swimming, he quickly progressed to swimming by himself in a streamline position with flutter kicks as well as swimming freestyle with “big arms.” He has quickly progressed through his skill developments, as catching up to his older brother has motivated him! Most importantly, they both love their classes, and can’t wait to come to each swim clinic practice. Way to go, Max and Anthony! Two more champion swimmers at SWSS!

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