Swim Lessons More Than Learning to Swim

Swim Lessons: More Than Learning to Swim – Steve Wallen Swim School in El Dorado Hills and Roseville

Learning to swim is a childhood milestone that many of us have been lucky to experience. I remember my own ‘learn to swim’ classes as a child. This small, outdoor swimming pool was the highlight of the summer months. When you provide your child with the essential opportunity to learn how to swim, you are giving your child a crucial lifelong skill set. But learning to swim is so much more than having the ability to jump in and splash around.

At Steve Wallen Swim School, we provide an additional skillset: water safety knowledge. Knowing how to swim will allow your child to participate in a wide range of water-based activities in pools, lakes, and oceans. In addition, learning how to be safe in and around the water will help you and your child prevent the unimaginable tragedy of accidental drowning.

In addition to these two vital aquatic skills, learning how to swim will provide your child with a host of other benefits. These benefits will improve the quality of their lives in a meaningful way, benefits that crossover to many different aspects of their lives.

By participating in regular swimming lessons, your child will become more confident in the water, and they will likely share their newfound water safety knowledge with family and friends. For example, many children can warn others of the many aquatic dangers, recognize when someone is in distress, and call for adult help when it is needed.

It has been known for a very long time that swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Regular swimming provides for an engaging, fun, and thorough workout. In addition, the physical benefits of regular swimming activities include improved cardiovascular health. Regular swimming will help your child develop heart and lung health!

Swimming also enhances muscular strength and endurance, and balance. Further, because swimming is a multi-limb activity, your child’s mind/muscle connection and coordination will be improved every single lesson. These improvements will carry over to the other physical activities that your child participates in and help them develop into healthy teens and adults.

When your child learns and eventually masters a new swim skill, their self-respect is enhanced. In addition, when they are first introduced to a new skill, they begin to understand the crucial lifelong abilities of setting goals, paying attention, solving problems independently, and responding to an instructor’s guidance.

Ideally, your little one will begin their aquatic adventure during infancy. Our small class sizes are ideally suited to allowing your fishy to learn how to participate in a class setting with a highly trained instructor. Skills such as taking turns, asking questions, responding to questions, encouraging others, celebrating successes, and self-discipline are learned, all while having a blast. In addition, your child will learn what it means to take direction from both verbal and physical cues.

The skills your little one will learn in our ideal setting will be carried through to school: improved attentiveness, self-discipline, confidence, body awareness, and social skills. From your child’s perspective, they will meet new friends with similar interests from many different backgrounds. Even better, your child will learn so many exceptional skills while having the time of their life while swimming with Steve Wallen Swim School!

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