3 Reasons to Stay Consistent with Swim Lessons

Importance of Consistent Swim Lessons

Steve Wallen Swim School firmly believes that consistent practice is key to becoming successful in any skill or profession.

The same statement can be applied to learning the life skill of swimming. If someone wants to learn to swim or improve stroke technique and efficiency, they have to practice routinely.

Following a weekly schedule swim schedule which involves swimming lessons as part of a routine is essential for retention and continued progression in swimming.

The following are some reasons why sticking to a consistent swim lesson plan is ideal for babies, kids, and adults of all skill levels:

1. Consistent Swim Lessons Help Retain Swimming Skills

While most swimmers take swim lessons during the summer months, we believe swimming should be a year-round activity.

This allows students the opportunity to retain developed skills as well as learn new skills with consistent practice. All swimmers, old and young, beginner and advanced, need consistent practice to help retain skills and continue to improve.

As swim instructors, one of the hardest things for us to see is a student swimming great at the end of summer, and then decide to take 5-6 months off during the fall and winter.

When these students get back in the water after a long break, it typically looks like they forgot everything they once knew. We are not saying every student needs to swim year round, but even enrolling in classes or sessions so breaks are only 1-2 months long can make all the difference.

Regression is normal with any skill when you take long breaks, so we are just all about limiting the regression and staying as consistent as possible.

While some swimmers may pick up right near where they left off or possibly only need a few classes to get back to where they were, all students will need some time to refresh their skills.

On the bright side, swimmers skills will typically all come back to them quicker than when they initially learned them. The more a swimmer sticks to a set schedule the more likely they will retain developed skills and maintain their water safety and awareness skills.

2. Keep Your Preferred Day, Time, and Instructor

Another reason you should consider continuing on with swim lessons is to reserve your day, time, and instructor as classes fill quickly.

Summer can get real busy for most swim schools as a majority of swimmers are on summer break.

At SWSS our schedules stay pretty busy year round as we offer an indoor, heated facility in El Dorado Hills and Roseville with year-round classes.

We have the best swim instructors in the area that are personally trained by Steve Wallen and his son Kaleb to meet their demanding standards. Schedules often get full due to the number of swimmers that are trying to learn to swim before the busy summer sessions begin.

If your goal is to be comfortable in the water during summer or before going on a vacation, then we highly recommend you schedule your classes in advanced. This way your child gets more time in the water to become more confident and develop more skills.

This helps everyone better prepare for a fun, safe swimming experience.

3. Swim Lessons Are A Great Way To Stay Active

Swimming once or twice a week is also a perfect way for a swimmer to stay active and healthy.

Doing some sort of physical activity is always a great routine to get into. And swimming is also a life skill, so why not keep up on your skills year round. We may be a little biased, but we feel swimming is one of the most important life skills you can learn.

Just like gymnastics or karate, swimming is a great year-round activity to stay active while also retaining water safety and awareness skills. You never know when you could end up in a dangerous situation in the water, or possibly need to help someone else.

One of the best parts about swimming is that it is a low impact activity that is even great for old people.

Not only is swimming a life skill that can help save your life, but it is also great for your body and mind. There are even studies that have been done that say swimming can help you live longer.

Conclusion On Why Consistent Swim Lesson Schedules Are Important

These are some reasons why being consistent with swim lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School in El Dorado Hills and Roseville is crucial to a swimmers retention and progression.

Constant practice helps swimmers to retain developed skills and provides them with a foundation for future swimming success. Not only is swimming an important life skill that everyone should learn, but it is also a great form of exercise that strengthens your entire body and mind.

We understand some breaks are necessary, but hopefully, you will keep this in mind the next time you consider taking a long absence from swimming. We hope to see you at the pool soon!


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