Never Too Old to Learn to Swim

Never Too Old to Learn to Swim: Join Wallen Swim School For Private, Semi-Private & Group Lesson For Kids and Adults Of All Skill Levels

Join Wallen Swim School in Roseville & El Dorado Hills For Private, Semi-Private & Group Swim Lesson For Kids & Adults Of All Skill Levels

Steve Wallen Swim School takes pride in teaching a variety of swim classes that many people can participate in.

We offer private, semi-private, and group lessons for babies, kids, and adults of all skill levels. Our swim lessons in El Dorado Hills and Roseville are beneficial for everyone, especially our adult swimmers.

As is the case for our other age groups, adult classes range from first-time learners to people trying to conquer a long time fear of the water and more.

There’s no better time than now to learn how to swim. 

Often times parents and instructors think it’s admirable and awesome to watch adult swimmers come in with the desire to conquer fear and learn how to swim. The saying “better late than never” is one all of us here at Steve Wallen Swim School believes in.

Here are a couple of things you should know about our adult classes.

Any skill you want to learn, we can teach it

What differentiates the adult swim lessons from our other classes is that there is a lot more freedom involved.

When it comes to learning skills, our adult sessions are much more flexible as the swimmers can communicate what they want to work on specifically.

For example, kids and infants usually need to work on mainly water safety skills since they are usually newer to the concepts. A similar statement can be made for some adults but here you can go at your own pace.

For adults, it is more about guidance.

Our swim instructors can give tips, make corrections, and go over anything our adults want to focus on rather than have to go over every single skill as we do with other sessions.

If an adult wants to refresh every skill or structure their class similar to the other ones then that is okay too.

The right learning environment for you

As mentioned before, adult classes offer much more freedom.

If an adult wanted to solely focus on a back float or backstroke they are more likely able to when compared to our other sessions.

We offer more flexibility in this case since adults tend to know their strengths and weaknesses better than our younger swimmers.

Additionally, classes are taught in a more relaxed or stricter manner depending on how the swimmer wants it to run. You can read more about our story and how our philosophy was developed.

There have been instances where some adults want the instructor to keep notifying them whenever they didn’t do a skill correctly.

Other swimmers prefer instruction and concentration instead of a constant reminder of what they need to do right.

Whichever way you prefer to be taught, you will see results.

In Summary

Steve Wallen Swim School offers an indoor, heated swim school in El Dorado Hills and Roseville that provides the perfect atmosphere to learn water safety skills.

Classes range from private swim lessons to group for all ages. The adult sessions, in particular, differ from many other swim schools due to the freedom and specific skills we provide in our lessons.

Overtime, swimmers will see results thanks to the tailored sessions regardless of their swim level. If you are even considering taking lessons, then don’t be afraid.

Better to learn late than never at all and it is never too late to start! 🙂

By Julian Tack

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