Myths About Infant and Baby Swimming Lessons

Myths About Infant and Baby Swimming Lessons

In the past, there have been a lot of misconceptions about swimming lessons for kids. If the only thing you know about swimming lessons is what you learned from your own swimming lessons as a child, then you probably believe some myths that have since been proven to be untrue. Let’s dispel a few swimming myths and help you make the best choice for your family and your kids.

Myth: Babies can’t swim.

Actually, babies as young as two months old can learn to be in the water. Infants are born with natural swimming instincts that makes them take to water very easily. Our baby swimming lessons are some of the most popular lessons we offer. They also save lives, too: imagine if your baby starts taking his or her first steps, and the next week escapes your clutches and toddles straight into your backyard pool! This is a parent’s nightmare. But if your child has been having swimming lessons with us, he or she will know exactly what to do to get back up to the surface, keep breathing, and get safely to the side of the pool.

Myth: My child can’t swim.

All children can learn to swim. Some kids start with physical difficulties, some kids have severe phobias, and some kids have learning disabilities. They can all learn to swim. Some kids may be able to achieve more in the water than others, but every child has the ability to be in the water safely and to have fun.

If you have been told that your child cannot learn to swim, you were talking to an instructor who either did not want to or did not know how to help your child. But we love helping kids who are really struggling to become confident in the water, and we specialize in teaching kids with special needs.

Myth: Swimming lessons are just for the summer.

At Swim Lessons Folsom, we have a heated indoor pool, so kids can swim all year long. It is much better for kids to continue swimming lessons all year long instead of stopping and starting, like summer-only lessons do. And there is nothing to the myth that kids catch germs from the swimming pool during the winter, either; the water is sterilized and clean, and kids are a lot more likely to catch a bug from their friends at school than from the water in the swimming pool.

Myth: You don’t need any special skills or training to teach kids to swim.

This is a common belief. People think that swimming is so easy, all you have to do is teach kids to blow bubbles and paddle around a bit. Not rocket science, right? No, blowing bubbles is not rocket science, but overcoming kids’ fears and their fight, flight, or freeze response, when they are put in a new situation, is brain science. Our teachers go through extensive training to teach your kids to have fun in the water, to be confident , and to be safe.

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