Roll Over! Roll Over! Learning to Roll Over, Front to Back Floats: Wallen Swim School in El Dorado Hills and Roseville, CA

Roll Over! Roll Over! Learning to Roll Over, Front to Back Floats: Wallen Swim School in El Dorado Hills and Roseville, CA

Now that your little one has mastered the front and back float, it’s time to introduce the next swim progression! Rolling over from front to back and back to front is an essential skill when learning to swim, and once mastered, it provides your child with a critical water safety skill. The ability to roll over is a foundational block for learning further swimming skills. Our swimming lessons are available in a wide range of formats, designed to meet your needs and schedule.

If your child has the confidence and skill to get onto their back and float quietly from any position, they have the ability to rest and catch their breath when in the water. When done successfully without any anxiety or panic, your child is much safer in the water because they have this ability to recover. However, this is just one aspect of teaching your child to be safer in the water; they ALWAYS need your constant and vigilant supervision. Keep them within arms reach when in or near the water.

Remember, the experts at Steve Wallen Swim School always consider your child’s emotional, physical, and developmental levels when teaching them water safety and how to swim. This includes introducing the roll-over, which can be a challenging skill to learn for many children. Your child will be given lots of opportunities to build this skill, along with many others, in their fun-filled lesson.

Learn to swim, learn to be water safe…programs for the entire family!

The Importance of Recovery

“Recovery” is an integral part of the front and back float progression. Recovery means that your child can return to a standing or vertical position following both the front and back float. This is accomplished by learning to lift the head up out of the water, pulling the arms down, tucking the knees in, then stretching the feet to the pool bottom. Similarly, your little one will learn to roll over by shifting and tucking their torso and limbs.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that “all children and adults should learn to swim,” even during the pandemic. In fact, learning to swim is so critical for children that during the Covid-19 pandemic, Steve Wallen Swim School is designated as an essential service!

Rolling over is not easy, but your little one will be expertly guided every step of the way! Always closely supervised and always within arm’s reach of their Steve Wallen swim instructor. One of the challenges with this move is avoiding getting water up the nose, so expect a bit of spluttering and nose blowing! Breath control will be further developed while learning to roll over, which will serve them well as they learn how to streamline next.

Your child’s highly trained Steve Wallen swim instructor will guide and support them through their attempts to roll, using the most appropriate techniques for your child. By using a variety of approaches and methods, your child’s success is within reach.

Small class sizes mean more individual attention 

Now that they know how to float on their front and back and can move with ease between the two positions, your little one can play with floating in different positions like a ball or frog! With their eyes open, they can search for toys on the bottom, hover over them, and begin to dive and retrieve. Nothing can stop them now! Floating with confidence allows for the following progressions of streamlining and kicking.

Learn Front To Back Floating at Wallen Swim School!

Roll Over! Roll Over! Learning to Roll Over, Front to Back Floats: Wallen Swim School in El Dorado Hills and Roseville, CA

Learning to swim one stepping stone at a time builds skills, confidence, and excitement to discover the next magical skill! Of course, roll-over floats are just one part of an action-packed and fun learn-to-swim session. Your child will also learn other water safety and swimming skills too!

Steve Wallen Swim School is the best swim school…find out why!

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