Infant Swimming Lessons will not Guarantee Olympic Success

Infant Swimming Lessons

When you have a little baby, there is a whole new world of things to navigate. Should you cloth diaper, when should you start your infant on solid foods, and … should you put your munchkin in swimming lessons?

Swimming lessons are something most people think of for older kids, but in fact they are extremely beneficial for babies as well. Our first lessons teach kids that water is fun and safe, and then we work on skills such as rolling over and floating. Eventually, your little one will be moving independently in the water, and all before they are even a year old!

Infant swimming lessons are important for safety and survival

If your baby has had swimming lessons, they will be able to keep themselves from drowning if they fall in the pool. This is a huge load off of parents’ minds, since they know that even if all their protective measures and vigilance fails, their child will still be safe.

Baby swimming lessons also set your child up for swimming success later. Olympic athletes usually start their chosen sports at very early ages. Why not start your baby swimming as an infant? When other five year olds are working on blowing bubbles, your child could already be swimming laps around the pool.

Will baby swimming lessons guarantee your child a place in the Olympics? No, obviously.

There are many other factors that also go into determining whether a person is good enough to go to the Olympics: natural talent, commitment, and massive amounts of practice. But baby swimming lessons can’t hurt, either. Starting swimming lessons early gives your child a head start, which is almost definitely going to be a positive thing.

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