Top Ideas for Swimming Lesson Games

Top Ideas for Swimming Lesson Games

Learning to swim is easy. It’s getting kids comfortable with being in the water that’s hard! Games are the best way to help kids overcome their anxieties and start to enjoy splashing around. Here are some fun games to use in swim lessons or at home.

Talking to the fishies

Have your child put their face underwater and blow bubbles to “talk to the fishies.” Then have them put their ear to the water to listen to what the fishies say back.

Catching the fishies

Have your child use a forward crawl movement to scoop water towards him/her to catch the fishies. Make sure your child’s fingers are closed so the fishies don’t escape between the fingers. Sing a short song while your child catches the fishies as quickly as he/she can, and then ask how many they caught. Then have your child throw the fishies back in the water with a big splash.

Motorboat, go!

Hold your child under the arms and pull them forward so their body floats forward on the water. Circle slowly, saying, “motorboat, go slow.” Then circle quicker, saying, “motorboat, go fast.” Finally, say, “motorboat, step on the gas!” and have your child kick like crazy.

Jumping off

Stand about 2 feet from the edge of the pool where it is just deeper than your child can stand. Have your child stand on your legs and then push off to the edge of the pool. After they catch the side, let them hold their own body weight for a moment before going to get them, so they get used to the feel of it. At first they will just jump, but as they get more confident you can move back a bit and let them kick to the side of the pool.

Red Light Green Light

Hold your child under the arms or let them grab the side of the pool. “Red light” means freeze and don’t kick. “Yellow light” means kick slowly. “Green light” means kick like crazy!

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