Learning to Swim with Steve Wallen Swim School Can Improve Your Little One’s Health:

Many adults know how to improve their overall health through an active lifestyle. However, we don’t often think about the physical health needs of our little ones. It makes sense that the human body will benefit from simple and complex movement, no matter the age.
At Steve Wallen Swim School, our decades of experience teaching swimming lessons give us the know-how to teach all ages and abilities to love the water as much as we do!

How Learning to Swim Can Improve Health

Being healthy means being introduced to various social and physical experiences for little ones. A broad range of experiences allows for mental, physical, emotional, and social growth. By enrolling your children in swimming lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School, you will provide them with a bounty of benefits! Our highly trained staff is ready, no matter your child’s age, abilities, and special needs! So let’s take a deeper dive into the many benefits your child can realize through swimming lessons!

Social Benefits:

Now more than ever, we understand the benefits of being social; spending time with peers is particularly important for a child’s development. Critical skills such as communication, empathy, and problem-solving are all involved in learning to swim. Your children will also benefit from the social interactions with their instructor and learn how to receive and process feedback, follow directions, and build trust in other adults.
Many children benefit from watching their peers complete skills; observing others may relieve fears and anxieties and instill a healthy dose of encouragement and competition! Plus, playing with other kids is a top priority for little ones!

Mental Benefits:

Learning to swim is a complex process that requires brainpower! Importantly, our highly trained instructors will allow your child to learn in their own style and at their pace. Like all physical activities, swimming causes our bodies to release feel-good hormones that improve our mood and boost confidence.
When learning to swim, children will learn to receive direction and then replicate the action. They will also be given a chance to discover how their body behaves in the water. Observation, discovery,  practice, and applying corrections are essential to brain development activities during childhood and beyond.

Sleep Benefits:

Regular, consistent physical activity will improve sleep, such as a swimming lesson twice or three times a week. Being active reduces stress and tires the body, which leads to a good night’s rest! Just like many physical activities, swimming requires energy from the body and mind, resulting in healthy fatigue.

Physical Benefits:

Swimming lessons will challenge your child’s body in several different and beneficial ways. First, swimming is an excellent cardiovascular activity; your child’s heart and lung function will be improved through swimming. Next, swimming requires an ever-increasing need for coordination and flexibility; as your child learns various swim skills, their understanding of moving their bodies will be improved. This mind-body connection is vital for developing coordination, which carries over into other physical activities.
Learning to swim at a young age will set your child up for a lifetime of active living. In addition, knowing how to swim will increase your child’s confidence and interest to try other physical activities. A competent swimmer can also engage in a lifetime of other aquatic adventures; swimmers can enjoy paddleboarding, wakeboarding, diving, snorkeling, and more!

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