The best position for your head when Swimming – Head Position Tips

Head Position with Swimming Lessons

When you are swimming, you don’t want to strain your neck with an awkward neck position. If speed matters, you really don’t want to make your body less hydrodynamic by having your head poking out at odd angles. This is why it is important to know the best head position when swimming.

The best position for your head when swimming is perfectly in line with your body.

Imagine that your body, including your head, is a tree log. Your spine is straight and the back of your neck does not have any wrinkles.

When you turn your head, your body should also be turning a tiny bit too.

When your arm comes out of the water, your head can turn too so that you can breathe. But unless you are turning to breathe, your eyes are looking straight down at the floor. Looking forward is just going to strain your neck, make you go slower, and possibly get water up your nose.

To get used to the best head position when swimming, practice the dead man’s float. You should be face down in the water with your lungs filled with air. Your lungs will cause your body to float, and when you relax your head it will naturally align straight with your back and torso. This is the head position you should have when swimming too, whether you are doing a front stroke or a back stroke.

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