What To Expect On Your First Day Of Swim Lessons

Often we are asked by parents what to expect on their child’s first day of swimming lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School. Of course, our hope is that every child willingly gets into the water with their new instructor and follows every detail of instruction that is introduced to them, progressing quickly to “learn to swim” on their very first day of swim lessons. Sometimes, the first lesson doesn’t always end up going as smoothly as intended, and preparing your child for their first day of swim lessons can help to smooth the transition and boost progress.

Talk With Your Swimmer In Order To Better Prepare For Swim Lessons

After you sign up your future swimmer, it is important to begin talking with them about this new activity that will be introduced to them. Letting them know the potential dangers involved with swimming and the importance of learning how to swim in order to have fun and be safe around the water. This can help in relaying the importance of swim lessons, and why they need to enroll. Talking with your children and asking them how they feel about the water can give you a good idea of how they may react when it is time to get in the pool with their swim instructor.

Explaining to your child that it is important to trust the instructor because you trust the instructor can help ensuring that your child follows instructions and is willing to challenge themselves and try the new skills that are going to be requested. Many students will be asked to perform skills outside of their comfort zone, so it is imperative that students trust their instructors and know that their swim instructors will not let anything happen to them. These simple discussions can help establish the respect for the water and the instructor that is necessary to learn to swim at Steve Wallen Swim School.

Trust Our Staff In Helping Your Swimmers Overcome Fear And Anxiety

When you arrive at your first swimming lesson, it is not uncommon for your swimmer to feel overwhelmed by the pool environment or feel some fear and anxiety. We ask that you usher your child to the steps located next to the showers where they will stand and wait for their assigned instructor to give permission to enter the pool. Your instructor will begin building rapport with your child from the moment they first step into the water. If you find that your swimmers’ attention is focused on you to “rescue” them, you can try taking yourself “out of sight” to redirect your child’s attention back to the instructor. Rest assured that it is not unusual to see tears or hear crying. We ask that you trust our staff in helping your child overcome their fear and anxiety. The more often your child is exposed to the water, the more the fear will diminish and the more confidence your child will exude.

Learning How To Swim Begins With Breath Control

At Steve Wallen Swim School, we feel it is critical to practice putting their face in the water on the very first day of swim lessons since learning how to swim begins with breath control. Once proper breath control is established, the progressions to follow will include learning to hold a prone position (head/body position), kicking technique, arm strokes, back floating, and water jump entries from the side of the pool. Once these essential skills are achieved, the swimmer can begin learning the four main swim strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

Every Child Can Learn At A Different Pace And Follow Different Learning Curves

It is important to keep in mind that every child can learn at a different pace and follow different learning curves. Some children will progress very rapidly through certain progressions and strokes and may need more time and repetitions on others to grasp the essential skills necessary to learn to swim effectively. In these cases, our swim lessons can come from a more adaptive approach to meet the needs of the individual swimmer.

Our Coaches Are Prepared To Meet And Exceed Your Expectations

Our swim programs at Steve Wallen Swim School are designed for each student in order to meet their particular need. From learn to swim classes to more advanced stroke technique and efficiency, our coaches are prepared to meet and exceed your expectations. We offer private and small group swim lessons, so each student receives personal attention and maximum benefit. Contact us today to schedule a tour, or enroll. You’ll be glad you did!

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