Finding the Best Swimming School in Roseville, CA

Finding the Best Swimming School in Roseville, CA

Finding the right swim school for your kids is more about finding the right fit than about finding the best swim school in America. Sometimes your kids will get along with a teacher and sometimes they won’t. If you are thinking about putting your kids in swim lessons, here are some tips for finding the best swim school for you and your kids.

How does it make you and your kids feel?

Are you comfortable there? Do the teachers and staff make you feel welcomed and cared for? Or does something feel “off?” We are biologically hardwired to respond to how people treat our kids, so listen to your gut on this one.

At Swim Lessons Folsom, our teachers are committed to your kids’ success. We treat our teachers great, because we want them to feel like they have the best job in the world. When they love their job and they love working with your kids, your kids will do better in their lessons and will want to come back.

What are the staff qualifications?

Teaching swimming lessons is something that requires quite a bit of training. You shouldn’t just trust any random person who says they can teach swimming because they are good at swimming themselves. When you are looking for a swimming teacher for your five year old, you aren’t looking for an Olympic coach who can make her swim faster than anyone else in the world; you are looking for someone who knows about early childhood brain development and can get your child comfortable with the water by using age-appropriate activities and supporting learning.

Do they offer continuous education for everyone?

Swimming is for everyone. It’s not just for kids. A good swimming school will offer lessons for everyone. Also, a good swimming school will have their staff constantly doing professional development so that they know the latest in cognitive and motor development and can give your child the best swimming education possible.

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