Swimmer of the Month – Cameron from Folsom, CA

Congratulations to Cameron from Folsom, CA

Congratulations to Cameron from Folsom, California, our Steve Wallen Swim School swimmer of the month for September! Cameron is 5 years old and just had her first ever swimming lesson at Steve Wallen Swim School a little over a month ago. After only her second lesson, Cameron was already able to push off the step in a streamline and swim freestyle. Cameron loves her swimming lessons and brings a huge smile and positive attitude to every class. She enjoys using her creativity and imagination in the water by creating new games to add to the enjoyment of each of her swimming lessons. These skills not only help her learn to swim, but also keep her swim lessons fun!

After only a few weeks of swimming lessons Cameron has already learned to rollover on her back for a breath and is now mastering side breathing while swimming freestyle. While learning the strokes, she is also practicing life saving skills such as floating on her back all by herself as well as adding in her kicks while on her back. Cameron is great at huge jumps into the water and is able to swim back to the side without assistance. Her great smile and love of anything involving water have contributed to her great progress at Steve Wallen Swim School. Way to go, Cameron! Another champion swimmer at SWSS!

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