At Steve Wallen Swim School, we take so much pride in our infant and baby swimming lesson program. Our extensive experience has taught us that most babies have a natural love of the water and possess innate swimming skills that can be shaped and honed into a genuine ability to swim.

When should my baby start swimming lessons?

By beginning swimming lessons very young, even six months, negative habits and misinformation leading to fears can be avoided. However, you may wonder what exactly is involved in a baby swimming lesson. After all, they are just babies! But, trust us, there are so many beautiful aspects of swimming that they can develop, enjoy, and master! And you get to join them in all the fun!

What will my baby learn during swimming lessons?

First, we aim to get your little one (and you) comfortable and safe in the water. Then, you will learn how to hold your baby in the water and remain safe while moving with them through the pool. Babies are very intuitive; if you are feeling worried, stressed, or uncomfortable, they may pick up on that and mirror these emotions.

Each swimming skill will be introduced in a relaxed, engaging, and playful manner. Your child will progress at their own pace, just as with other baby milestones. One such skill is the “kick,” in which you will move your baby’s legs up and down as you move around the pool. The word kick will be repeated until you feel like you can’t bear to say it again, but by combining the word with the action, learning is optimized.

Another skill taught to babies is breath control. At this age, breath control takes the form of bubbles. Through songs, raspberry blows, motor boats, blowing toys across the surface, and many more, your child will learn to avoid sucking in the water! This critical skill is then further developed into rhythmic breathing while swimming.

Are baby swimming lessons practical?

Children’s work is play; your baby will learn to swim by playing in the water. By reinforcing a love of water, we begin their swimming journey. Basic water safety skills for you and your baby are also taught, and you will be learning expert tricks and tips as your child learns.  But, learning to swim as an infant doesn’t stop there; learning and maintaining swimming skills is a fantastic lifelong activity!

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