6 Key Benefits of Swimming Lessons - Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills, CA

6 Key Benefits of Swimming Lessons – Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills, CA

Consider just some of the many benefits of enrolling your child in swimming lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School:

#1 – During their first lessons, your child will learn to be comfortable in the water

This comfort will allow them to engage in a wide range of healthy and exciting aquatic-based activities throughout their lifetime. Being comfortable in the water leads to learning to swim, and learning to swim will allow for many opportunities in aquatic settings. Unlike other sports and activities, water is a unique environment. It may seem entirely foreign and even dangerous to some children. Perhaps your child has had a negative experience in the water and is now anxious about getting in again. Our highly trained swim instructors at Steve Wallen Swim School can acknowledge these potential barriers and will work proactively with your child to create the comfort needed to move forward with learning to swim. Swimming instructors know when your child is ready to be challenged, and only proceed with the next skill when it is appropriate. Force or coercion is never used; your child learns at their own pace, with expert guidance from their swim teacher. Being comfortable in the water is the very first step in becoming a swimmer.

#2 – Physical activity

Swimming engages the cardiovascular system, moves the body through full ranges of motion, and uses many muscles all at the same time. Learning to swim improves body awareness, coordination, and flexibility. Many health professionals recommend that most children do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. Swim lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School can be a meaningful and rewarding part of your child’s daily healthy activity. Swimming is impact-free, so there is little risk of damaging joints. The body uses many muscles while swimming, and because of the resistance of the water, it’s a great workout. Swimming will seem like play to your child. Still, they will be improving their cardiovascular endurance, learning new and intricate movement patterns, and also be building muscular endurance. Swimming requires control of the whole body in the water, so it’s an excellent workout for the core muscles.

#3 – Learning to swim goes hand in hand with learning to be water safe:

When partnered with your vigilant supervision, swimming skills can help to prevent drowning. As part of their swim lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School, your child will learn when it is safe to swim, and when it is not.

Your child will learn about water depths and that their swimming abilities dictate where they can swim. Students learn safe water entries. Your child will learn that shallow water is for beginners but is not safe for diving. They will also learn that deep water is for advanced swimmers and to check the water for any hazards before diving.

#4 – The ability to safely recover from an unintended fall into the water

Whether that water is a backyard pool, a pond, a creek, or a lake, the skill to recover from an unintended water entry is vital.

Swimming lessons will teach your child to stay calm if this happens and how to swim to safety. Water can be a place of danger for the unskilled. While it is frightening to even think about, drowning is a genuine risk, and parents and children must know the skills they need to be water safe. Learning to swim at Steve Wallen Swim School, along with your vigilant supervision, is an essential step in protecting your child against drowning. Sadly, many drowning victims had no intention of going into the water. They may have been fishing in a small boat and fell overboard while not wearing a flotation device.

Or, perhaps they were enjoying the view from a dock when they stumbled and fell in. These are genuine cases and are preventable drownings. Learning how to swim and how to be water safe is key to helping to prevent drowning and other water-related emergencies.

#5 – Learning to swim improves self-esteem

Like any learned skill or ability, a child’s confidence gets a boost when they achieve success.

Some skills may come quickly, like blowing bubbles. Other skills, such as frog kick or mastering the coordination required of backstroke, may take longer. These challenges will develop your child’s confidence as they fail, try, fail, try, and finally achieve their goal. Your Steve Wallen Swim School swim instructor will be right there, cheering them on as they provide quality instruction. One of the added benefits of knowing how to swim is its transferability to many recreational settings. For example, a child may host a birthday pool party in their backyard. Those children who know how to swim will look forward to the event and be able to participate fully. Those children who don’t know how to swim may not attend, or they may not join in on the fun. Or they may even put themselves at risk by entering the water without the necessary skills. Enrolling in swimming lessons is one way to become involved in your community and make new friends.

Traveling to places like water parks, hotel pools, lakefront camping, and fishing trips all become more enjoyable for the swimmer.

#6 – Inclusive

Unlike many other sports and physical activities, swimming allows students of all abilities.

An indoor pool tends to be humid, so it’s a great environment for those with asthma to be active. There are many different styles of strokes, and the continuum of stroke progressions allows for those with movement challenges and barriers to still find ways to have fun and be active. Those with visual and auditory challenges find great success in the water, as do children with mobility challenges. At Steve Wallen Swim School, your child’s learning environment is a priority; private, semi-private, and small group lessons are perfect for children who learn best in a setting with more one-on-one interaction.

 Swimming and learning to swim are activities that the entire family can participate in together! Knowing how to swim allows for robust vacations, a healthy lifestyle, great recreational opportunities, and being able to fully participate in their community. Sign up at Steve Wallen Swim School today!

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