Are Adult Swim Lessons Right for Me? Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills

Are Adult Swim Lessons Right for Me? Wallen Swim School in Roseville and El Dorado Hills

Perhaps you are thinking about a fresh way to get in shape, or you have planned the trip of a lifetime. Your ambition to learn to swim might be because you have a shiny new 18-foot boat in your driveway.

Congratulations to you if you have finally taken the decisive step toward becoming a swimmer by taking adult swim lessons.

It’s never too late to learn how to swim or to be safer around water. Perhaps you want to improve your existing swim skills;  a private or group swim lesson may be just the thing you need. There are many reasons for learning to swim as an adult. Your motivation to do so may be coming from different directions.

At Steve Wallen Swim School, our qualified staff recognizes that you may be a complete beginner, a basic paddler, or a competitive athlete. No matter what your swimming ability, Steve Wallen Swim School’s 30 plus years of experience can be of benefit to you!

Let’s review some of the familiar drivers that may be behind you learning to swim or to improve your swimming technique. No matter what the reason is, adult swim lessons will be an important first step in achieving your aquatic goals.

# 1 – Your children are better swimmers than you

This is a more common scenario than you might think. Congratulate yourself on having the courage to admit that your kids are more competent in the water than you and because you are willing to improve your swimming skills.

While you might never beat your child in a race to that floating dock, you must react correctly in an aquatic emergency. Adult swim lessons will provide you with the necessary swimming skills to be competent and water safe. Your comfort and competence in the water will set a positive example for your children and will help them to be water safe and comfortable too, and set them on a path of aquatic success. Choosing to enroll in adult swim lessons also sets a positive example for the people that you care about, and that cares about you. Having the bravery to learn a new skill is impressive at any age.

Being competent in the water may mean that if you were to fall overboard, you can react calmly and get back in your boat with self-reliance. Or, it may mean that you can safely participate in pool or lake activities with your children. You may have barriers to being confident and comfortable in the water; skilled swimming instructors know how to address and overcome any obstacles you might have.

Whatever your reason for wanting to be more competent in the water, it all starts with basic adult swim lessons, taught with patience, skill, and recognition of your efforts and abilities.

#2 – You have the trip of a lifetime planned, and you want to enjoy all the opportunities included in your destination

Many holiday destinations include pools, lakes, ocean fronts or some other aquatic activity such as snorkeling, aquatic exercise classes, waterslides, or just beating the heat in the water. Many of these activities do not include lifeguard supervision. You can still set yourself up to take full advantage of all these experiences by becoming confident and comfortable in the water. Learn to swim. Learn how to be water safe.

If you have a busy schedule, drop-in lessons or private lessons may work well for you. Taking advantage of a family group lesson may be just what your dream vacation needs to be full of aquatic adventure. At Steve Wallen Swim School, our instruction has your success in mind.

#3 – You want to improve your health

Becoming a competent swimmer is a great way to realize a host of health benefits.

Swimming is kinder to your knee, hip, and shoulder joints than many high impact sports. It engages the body in a full range of motion using many of your muscles while also challenging your cardiovascular system. By becoming a regular swimmer, you will see benefits to your muscle tone, endurance, strength, and your cardiovascular system.

Swimming is also an excellent option for people with asthma because of the humid environment. Swimming is a great calorie burner and mood improver too! (healthline.com). There is nothing quite as peaceful as getting into a smooth swim rhythm, the water flowing past your body and your breath the only sounds.

Signing up for Adult Swim Lessons at Steve Wallen Swim School is a positive step toward a better you. Improve your health, engage in your community, and set a positive lifestyle example for your family! Having a robust swim skill set will also allow you to participate in many other healthful aquatic activities such as paddle boarding, waterskiing, and surfing.

#4 – You want to compete in a triathlon

You have your run down solid, your biking is on point, but your swim is your weak point.

This scenario is not uncommon, as the swim component is the most challenging for many triathletes. Perhaps your endurance is not the issue. Your stroke mechanics and efficiency can improve by getting feedback via video analysis of your swim technique. Having a highly-skilled swim instructor provide you with constructive criticism can give you that extra edge during your next triathlon.

#5 – You love boating

It may surprise you to learn that many avid boaters are not comfortable in the water.

Nor do they have the necessary swimming skills to be safe in the water. Sadly, drowning is the cause of most boating fatalities, as well as non-fatal drowning injuries. Many boaters have no intention of entering the water, but accidents do happen. Becoming a competent swimmer and being familiar with boating safety is imperative if you intend to enjoy boating. You needn’t become a master swimmer, but you do need water safety skills to stay safe while enjoying your boat.

Whatever the reason, your interest in adult swimming lessons is a positive first step towards a safe and healthy aquatic lifestyle!

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