Diaper Policy

Swim Diaper Policy

At Steve Wallen Swim School, we’re all about making a splash while keeping things safe and clean. That’s why we require all little swimmers aged 3 and under to gear up with our Happy Nappy Duos. It’s an extra wave of protection that ensures everyone can enjoy the water worry-free. Plus, our team of aquatic enthusiasts is here to assist you in finding the perfect fit, making sure your child dives into their swim adventure in style!

What’s the scoop on Happy Nappy Duos? Think of them as the superhero of swimwear – they look like regular swimsuits but pack the punch of a swim diaper. With their double lining and built-in filtration, they keep accidents contained without cramping your little one’s style.

Why choose Happy Nappy Duos? Well, besides being super cute, they’re also super essential for maintaining the smooth sailing of our swim sessions. Without them, we’d be swimming in a sea of cleanup, and nobody wants that! So, let’s keep the pool sparkling and the fun flowing by keeping those accidents at bay.

But what if my tot is already a potty pro? We totally get it – potty training is a splashy endeavor! But even the most skilled swimmers can have a slip-up now and then. That’s where Happy Nappy Duos come in handy. They’re like a safety net, ensuring that if an oopsie-daisy occurs, it stays contained. And hey, accidents happen – it’s all part of the learning journey!

Why not disposable swim diapers? While disposable diapers have had their day in the sun, we believe in providing the gold standard of safety. Our Happy Nappy Duos offer superior protection, keeping the pool pristine and your swimming experience worry-free. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Finding the perfect fit: Just like a perfect dive, the key to Happy Nappy success is finding the right fit. Our team is here to help you navigate the waters of sizing, ensuring your little one’s swimwear is snug but not restrictive. Just ask our friendly staff, and they’ll have you swimming in confidence in no time!

So, let’s make a splash together with Happy Nappy Duos – because every swimmer deserves a clean and carefree aquatic adventure!