Code of Conduct

Guidelines For Considerate Conduct

Parents must remain on Steve Wallen Swim School premises at all times with their child(ren). Parents are asked to wait in the parents viewing area during all swim lessons, except baby and me swim lessons. Parents act as a second line of supervision during all classes. Children may not be left unattended before, during, or after their swim lesson.

There is a kid’s play area in the parents viewing area for children that are not swimming. Please keep an eye on all children. Please no running near the pool and changing areas.

Children who are not completely toilet-trained must wear a disposable or reusable swim diaper. Please have all children use the restroom before their class begins. There is absolutely no swimming for students with diarrhea.

Please do not bring a sick child to class. We ask, that you please wait until your child is better before bringing them to class to avoid spreading the illness any further. If your child has a fever or a contagious illness, please stay at home until the illness has subsided. If you are unsure, please consult your physician.

Do not let your children enter the pool until the class is scheduled to begin. This is for their safety, and for the safety of the other children in lessons.

Please allow swimmers that are finishing their classes to exit the pool before putting your child into the water.

Please use assigned changing areas or dressing rooms at Steve Wallen Swim School to dress and redress after class. We have designated changing areas, restrooms, and public showers for all swimmers to use.

Swimmers are not allowed to chew gum or have any type of hard candy during their swim lessons.

We ask that you do not bring your pets on the premises, with the exception of certified service animals.

Please, no smoking is allowed on the property due to the presence of children. [California Health and Safety Code, Section 104495]

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