A Time for Endurance, A Time for Technique: Wallen Swim El Dorado Hills

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For expert swimming instructors, such as our energetic team at Steve Wallen Swim School, knowing what swimming skill to teach next comes as naturally as swimming does to a duck. So we know when to challenge your child and when to focus on practicing skills already learned. Meeting your child’s needs as a learner is one of our top priorities!

The past 40 years plus has provided us with keen insight into all things aquatic; our comprehensive curriculum has been carefully developed to meet all learner’s needs. As a result, our team knows what it takes to teach children and adults to become competent swimmers, and that includes learning a variety of strokes, building up muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance, along with a sound understanding of water safety.

As a parent, you want to ensure that your child receives the best instruction while remaining safe away from your protective arms. Watching your child learn to swim is a positive and enriching experience at Steve Wallen Swim School; rest assured, your child is going to have the time of their life! However, when watching, you may wonder why some time from most classes is devoted to methodically practicing various parts of a given swim stroke while at other times they are working on distance swims.

Find A Balance of Endurance and Technique

A balance of endurance and technique optimizes your child’s class time. Sometimes, your child will be asked to focus on endurance, and so they will be swimming lengths, laps, or another specified distance. When swimming these challenging distances, it may seem that your child’s skills have gone out the window! But, take heart, the loss of stroke mechanics when building endurance is perfectly natural and expected. As our muscles fatigue through exertion, they cannot maintain the finer points of a stroke, such as keeping the body in an ideal alignment or causing the arm to enter the water at the optimal place and time. Think about a time when you were physically exhausted; was your coordination and body mechanics ideal? This loss of skills may happen when swimming until sufficient endurance is developed to maintain the proper stroke mechanics.

As your child progresses through our Milestones Ribbon swim program, each class will be tailored to their exact learning needs. Every child is unique in their physical, mental, and social abilities. So, each class will challenge and reward your child as their abilities change and grow. We know that your child will want to have fun, learn something new every class, and also have an opportunity to shine.

So, each swim class will allow for your child to revel in their past successes as well as challenge them with something new. The class will sometimes slow down a little to allow for focused attention on stroke mechanics. When we learn to swim at a relaxed pace and thus develop the proper stroke mechanics, we can eventually swim for longer distances efficiently and quickly!

Having the solid endurance required to swim any distance is an important water safety skill and will allow for a lifelong, effective physical workout! Plus, if your heart and lungs can meet the challenges of swimming, it’s much easier for your muscles and brain to meet the needs for efficiency and proper stroke mechanics!

Endurance will be developed by challenging your child to swim greater distances. This type of endurance takes time and requires steady practice. This is yet another fundamental reason for regular, consistent swimming lessons. Eventually, ideal stroke mechanics will be performed throughout these distance swims. Of course, each class will also offer fun, smiles, and laughter! And don’t forget, the importance of water safety skills is always woven into every class.

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