3 Tips To Help Swimmers Conquer Their Fears

3 Tips to Help Swimmers Conquer Their Fears - Wallen Swim Schools

There are times when even the most confident students find themselves at a roadblock.

No matter how hard they try to overcome a particular obstacle, they may feel as though it is near impossible to do. Fear and nervousness are most likely to blame for the uneasiness of completing certain tasks.

When it comes to swimming lessons, the situation is very similar.

Whether you are enrolling in adult swim lessons or kids swim lessons in order to learn how to swim, the following tips will help you become comfortable and more confident in the water in no time.

1. Constructive Criticism

It is important to stay positive even in times of stress or doubt.

If your mind is thinking negative thoughts then you are setting yourself up for failure. Being nervous is absolutely okay because everyone gets nervous, but you don’t want yourself or your child thinking they can’t accomplish something.

To get yourself out of this mindset make sure you receive compliments on what you did successfully and constructive criticism on what you can improve on from family, friends, or your swim instructor.

This can be done before or after lessons but the person must pay attention to your progress.

Our swim instructors always give feedback to both parents and their swimmers but more feedback is never a bad idea.

2. Consistent Practice

Attending practice consistently in a swim session is important because missing lessons can lead to uncertainty.

Consistent practice and skill repetition outside of swim lessons, whether it be in your own pool, friends pool, or public facility is a great way to improve your skills in the water.

If a swimmer takes a break before fully conquering a challenge then it’ll be harder for him or her to tackle it again when they return.

Their confidence could be decreased due to the fact they haven’t done the skill in awhile.

Once an obstacle is completely mastered then you wouldn’t have to worry about inconsistencies as much. Until then, however, we recommend repetition so that way swimmers could be less prone to making the same mistakes.

As with any skill. It is very important to stay in the water year-round in order to retain developed skills and continue progressions. Our indoor, heated swim school in El Dorado Hills and Roseville provides an ideal atmosphere and customer experience to foster the greatest potential of any swimmer.

3. Choosing The Right Instructor

Not all swim instructors teach strokes and safety skills in the exact same way, nor do they have the same personality and approach.

Swimmers learn concepts differently and because of this, our swim instructors adapt appropriately. We also offer swim lessons for students with special needs and have achieved great success in teaching them to swim and enjoy the water.

Ensuring positive chemistry between swimmers and instructors is important to us. We make sure to pair everyone based on availability or preference of the instructor.

If one of the teachers doesn’t seem to be the right fit then there are no hard feelings if you decide to change instructors.

Some instances of instructor changes have come when children felt more comfortable swimming with female instructors rather than male instructors or vice versa.

Other examples similar to these are simple fixes that don’t take long to correct.

Our diverse group of experienced and highly trained swim instructors provides quality lessons that are sure to help overcome the fears any swimmer may have in the water.

In Summary

Steve Wallen Swim School’s goal is to teach swim lessons and water safety skills in the most effective and efficient way possible.

These are just a few helpful tips for those who need advice about how to accomplish a challenging skill both during and outside of lessons. Steve Wallen Swim School offers two state-of-the-art, indoor swim school locations in El Dorado Hills and Roseville.

Contact us today to enroll in swim lessons or schedule a tour of our facility. We are prepared to meet and exceed your expectations!

By: Julian Tack, Swim Instructor

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