Top 3 Reasons Why a 30-Minute Swimming Lesson is Ideal For Learning How To Swim in El Dorado Hills and Roseville, CA

Top 3 Reasons Why a 30-Minute Swimming Lesson is Ideal For Learning How To Swim in El Dorado Hills and Roseville, CA

Around the world, many swimming pools that teach water safety and swimming lessons rely on a 30 minute class for children. Many adult classes are also 30 minutes long. This time block is by design, based on extensively researched learning factors. The 30-minute swimming lesson’s main features are to ensure success; our student’s safety, enjoyment, and learning are our primary goals.

#1. Attention Span

In a 30 minute class, students will enjoy learning several stroke elements, with time for observation, practice, and correction. These skills are embedded in short distance swims and creative games widely known as “productive play.” In addition, critical water safety skills are taught to students. Gameplay can appear to be only fun, but your child’s swimming instructor has tied many skills into that gameplay. Play is an essential element of a 30-minute lesson, as gameplay retains your child’s attention by making skills fun and exciting.

Give Yourself Some Time To Settle In

The beginning of a 30-minute lesson is a time to settle into the class and prepare to learn. While this only takes a few minutes, it is critical as it allows your child to focus, connect with their instructor, and their classmates. Similarly, the last few minutes of the class allow for positive reinforcement of their performance and enable the instructor to build excitement for the lessons. The time needed to reinforce the skills learned and to introduce new skills is why a 20-minute class is too short. While it may be less expensive than a 30-minute class, a 20-minute class is not enough time to build on skills, knowledge, and endurance.

Swimming Is a Mind & Body Activity

During a 30-minute class, your child’s swim instructor will move them through several activities and skills. When learning physical abilities, your child’s body is working hard, but so is their mind! Physical skills require concentration, focus, and mind/body connections. Depending on your child’s age, these mini blocks of learning will be from a few minutes long to several minutes long. If an activity is too long, your child will become unfocused and lose interest. Some games and activities will incorporate many different swimming skills and water safety concepts into one. For example, singing Wheels On the Bus will practice movement, breath control, submersion, and confidence in the water!

Try a Semi-Private, Group Swim Lesson Or Both!

Taking turns in either a semi-private or group swim lesson is an essential component of the 30-minute class. While waiting for their turn, your child learns the importance of staying safe in the water by listening to and obeying their instructor. While waiting for their turn, your child is also having a rest, which helps them have enough energy to participate in the entire class. Every minute of your child’s swimming lesson is carefully planned and organized around short-term and long-term goals designed for their enjoyment and progression. 

#2. Easy Scheduling

Our classes start every half-hour, so it’s easy to fit swim classes into your busy day. If you have several family members wanting to learn how to swim, check out our family discount rates when enrolling multiple family members in the same session.

We firmly believe that swimming is a life skill that everyone should have, so we pride ourselves in keeping lessons flexible and easy to fit into your packed schedule. Our small class sizes allow you to schedule siblings of different swimming abilities into the same class, at the same time. Students will work on their individual skills, appropriate to their unique talents. If you prefer, you can certainly split siblings into separate classes, or you may want to try our private lessons.

We Make Rescheduling Swim Lessons A Breeze!

Life happens, and we get that missing a class or needing to reschedule a class due to unforeseen circumstances is a reality. As part of our commitment to families, we also offer flexibility to make up classes or shift a lesson to a different day. Providing the best experience possible is part of our promise to outstanding customer service.

#3. Endurance

Top 3 Reasons Why a 30-Minute Swimming Lesson is Ideal For Learning How To Swim in El Dorado Hills and Roseville, CA

Swimming is intensely physical and requires total body movement. Consider your physical endurance and how challenging it would be to be intensely physically active for 30 minutes. Like adults, children need time to build their physical endurance and even more time in the water to maintain this endurance. Time spent waiting for their turn or hanging on to the pool edge while listening to and watching their instructor allows children to catch their breath before becoming fully physically active again.

Swimming Is a Year-Round Activity!

In addition to our recommendation of a 30-minute class at least once a week, Steve Wallen Swim School also recommends that you embrace the notion of swimming as a year-round activity. To build endurance and skills and learn age-appropriate water safety, children should engage in swimming lessons regularly, with classes one to two times a week. We also offer blitz lessons where students can take 4 classes in one week in order to prepare for a vacation or get a little refresher before a friend’s pool party. Consistent engagement with swim lessons will allow for building blocks of skills and layering them upon one another, resulting in a lifelong swimmer!

Keep Kids Active With Swim Lessons, Programs, Competitions & More!

Consider other activities like karate, gymnastics, and piano. Just like these activities, regular swim lessons, throughout the year, allow for competency and mastery. Swimming lessons are no different and require the same constant exposure and training. Like adults, children should be physically active most days of the week, and swimming lessons are a productive and fun way to stay active.

Learn to Swim with us in El Dorado Hills and Roseville, California!

Top 3 Reasons Why a 30-Minute Swimming Lesson is Ideal For Learning How To Swim in El Dorado Hills and Roseville, CA

One swimming lesson per week provides for the maintenance of skills and allows students to maintain endurance and continue to advance on their skills. Consider the many benefits of swimming lessons as a regular and year-round activity: safety, fitness, skills, and fun!

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